For Professional Football Clubs

Game Theory and the Art of Strategy - This new, hour-long presentation provides an introduction specifically to game theory designed for professional football teams and is soon to be trialled at Brentford FC. It examines the art of strategy and what approaches to strategies are mathematically more likely to result in success. How, for instance, does one maximize the chances of winning at rock, paper, scissors? At what section of the game is the strategy of randomization most effective? What side of the goal should a penalty taker shoot at? This genuinely fascinating course leads coaches to question their approach to strategy and leads to them implementing new approaches in training sessions.

The Art of Feedback – Too often feedback from coaches can be just barking at players who are either not listening or who are scared of being barked at: this puts the players into ‘performance avoidance’ mode, and stops them learning. Feedback exists so that players can develop, and this course, which was designed with the assistance of League Football Education, Brentford FC and Charlton FC, takes a long and detailed look at the academic knowledge behind how feedback works and how to employ it effectively so that players develop.

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