Consultancy on whole school literacy. Phil makes a one (or two) day visit to schools/academies, undertaking a round of observations. Prior to this, he will review all the literacy related documentation: marking/feedback policy, presentation rules etc. The outcome is a written management report outlining the state of literacy as it stands in the institution, along with recommendations as to how to move this forward. There follows the optional extra of a newsletter produced for staff what outlines the good practice in the institution along with the further option of a CPD session tailored to the school’s/academy’s individual requirements.

Consultancy on whole school behaviour. This, again, is a round of observations from an expert in behaviour management that leads to a management report identifying whether the institution does or does not have a problem with behaviour. If there is a problem the report will identify what skills the teachers need to update; if, as is more likely, there is not a problem: what can management do to change the mindset of teachers? The outcome of this, again, can lead into a tailor made CPD session that is reactive to the institution’s needs.

Consultancy on whole school teaching and learning. This is a round of observations followed by a management report and an optional tailored CPD intervention. What does the school do well? How might it improve? 

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