"The most inspiring speaker ever!" AST National Conference

"Never ever miss an opportunity to attend one of Phil's sessions. Absolutely terrific … more please!" Torfaen Learning Conference

"He is awesome!" AST National Conference

"What an inspiration!" TAs Conference, Kent

"Was informative and inspiring. Gave a completely new perspective on ways to teach. Was the best INSET I have attended at GCA." Teacher, Grieg City Academy, Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum

"He's one of the best speakers I have heard and, in particular, offered practical strategies to improve teaching and learning rather than just woolly exhortations to do better." Torfaen Learning Conference

"'Humorous', 'Thought provoking' and 'challenging' were used over and over again on the evaluations to describe your session, as well as the following quotes which will give you an idea of how well you were received. "Really enjoyed this session – focused on an area which is avoided far too much." "Interesting topic presented in an enthusiastic way." John Bangs, Assistant Secretary, National Union of Teachers

"An inspiring lecture mixed with a speed dating session, superb ideas to take back to lessons." AST National Conference

"Inspirational presentation from Phil (Lucky children in his class)!" TAs Conference, Kent

"You were fantastic. The young panel loved you, and amazingly (Shouldn't really say that), the librarian feedback has been terrific on you." Frances Hendrix, The Laser Foundation

"The quality of your presentation, its content and the inspirational way in which you convey your messages was appreciated by all." Merril Hauser, Assistant Director, Bromley

"Feedback for your session has been spectacular; people loved it. It set the day up perfectly and got everyone engaged and energized." Leanne Rivers, Manager, The Samaritans

"Excellent practical activities to reinforce his hard hitting facts about underachievement in schools and how to engage students, raising the bar and marking." AST National Conference

"Thank you so much for last evening; it was an excellent one, informative and entertaining. I think you got the tone just right. Parents made really positive comments and I know that staff have been trying out ideas in their classes today." Val Hughes, Headteacher, Sandhurst School

"What can I say? What a star!! Thank you very much for this fantastic session in our conference. We feel very complimented that you provided speakers of such quality". Torfaen Learning Conference

"A breath of fresh air - I enjoyed listening to his accent as he was very relaxed using humour." Teacher, Grieg City Academy, Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum

"I wanted to send you a note to say how much I enjoyed your talk. You certainly had an impact and got the participants thinking in a different way." Lucy Hargreaves British Petroleum

"Excellent. Highly informative and inspirational. Also gave very practical tips." Teacher, Grieg City Academy, Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum

"I am still reeling myself and have been relying on some of my colleagues to remind me of the plethora of ideas he gave us all. They are already being used in my classroom." Torfaen Learning Conference

"Excellent delivery, renewed my passion in teaching." AST National Conference

"Outstanding really interactive if he hadn't been the character he was I think half the staff would have drifted of to sleep as it was Fri afternoon." Teacher, Grieg City Academy, Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum

"Did some of Phil's stuff with year 11 today … the kids really responded. It got us into a discussion about what lessons were like and I could not believe what I was hearing." Torfaen Learning Conference

"Entertaining, down to earth delivery of realistic view of what all great teachers should believe and do." AST National Conference

"Amazing and unforgettable. I cannot even begin to tell you how good you were." Yvonne Hammonds, Connexions

"Phil Beadle was very inspirational. His session was valuable and entertaining." TAs Conference, Kent

"An excellent, uplifting and truthful speech about the reality of teaching, which inspired me." AST National Conference

"Everyone was buzzing at dinner, and that was absolutely down to your fabulous input." Maggie Shevlane, Advisory Service Kent

"An emotional journey!" AST National Conference "Engaging, interesting, entertaining and inspiring. Really enjoyed the talk." Teacher, Grieg City Academy, Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum

"Really good, made me smile and go away with a good feeling." TAs Conference, Kent "A man who challenged everyone of us by touching raw nerves, challenging perceptions about self, knowledge, cultural stereotypes, through the use of language in the name of literacy and raising achievement and developing understanding. What more can I say?" Teacher, Grieg City Academy, Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum

"It went extremely well, was spot on it terms of theme, and was extremely funny!" Jane Shaw CIPR

"Outstanding, funny and inspirational. Thinking outside the box at its best." AST National Conference

"Great key messages from your 2 sessions and feedback from our staff." Steve Ruddy, Deputy Head, Bishopbell School

"Absolutely refreshingly different and brilliant." AST National Conference

"He made the session enjoyable, everyone was involved which was better than being spoken at." Teacher, Grieg City Academy, Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum

"I found the parts of the sessions I saw and took part in to contain the sort of message and philosophy we should all take on board." Don Brooks, Deputy Principle, Grantham College

"I wish he was my teacher!" AST National Conference

"Your sessions on Monday were cracking. You have inspired one trainee to become an English teacher and others to take risks and ditch the desks & I hope that those who should will now step off podiums both real & imagined, at least for some of the time. Ray had an email from one member of staff who wrote quite movingly how the day reminded him of the joy in teaching." Pat Cooper, Dunstable College

"Funny, irreverent, and engaging." Teacher, Grieg City Academy, Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum

"Totally inspirational." AST National Conference

"I am star struck! I have wanted to see Phil Beadle in person for years. Thank you for the opportunity. He certainly didn't disappoint - loved it!" AST National Conference

"Great - inspirational and very funny." Teacher, Grieg City Academy, Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum

"I really want to thank you for the wonderful speech/entertainment you gave us last week. In discussion afterwards, we all agreed that you had given the audience a wonderful time (not such a frequent occurrence at this sort of thing) and, the teachers particularly, some really valuable lessons to remember". Naomi Greenwood - Chair Jewish Teacher Training Programme

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